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Key Features of Our Digital Asset Exchange Platform

If you are ready to put your money into cryptocurrency, ZedXe, with its variety of features, is the best crypto exchange to get started.


Users can trade in 4 major markets, including BTC, ETH, ZFL and TUSD. We make the best site to buy and sell bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Trading view graph

Users can get a graphical view of trades in real time. The data can be filtered according to minutes and hours.

Advanced matching engine

Our matching engine fulfills your buy order with the best sell order, and vice versa, to ensure that you get a price better than or equal to that specified in your order.

Two-factor authentication

We use e-mail authentication and Google authentication, along with request encryption, to level up the security and allow secure access to user account and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies, thus being the most secure and best crypto coin exchange.

Secure wallet

Store, send and receive your crypto assets safely with our secure digital wallet.

User-friendly dashboard

Place your buy and sell orders easily and keep tabs on everything

Order book: View your buy/sell orders along with those of the users on ZedXe platform.

Open orders: Track your own buy/sell orders here until they are fulfilled and moved to ‘Order History’.

Trade history: View your own trades along with those of the users on ZedXe platform.

What Makes ZedXe the Best Coin Exchange Across the Globe?

  • Security

    We offer hot wallets to our supreme customer. They are secured with US regulated BITGO custodial services providing secure transaction.

  • Get your desired coins

    From bitcoins to altcoins, we offer multiple trading pairs so you can choose your preferred coins with ease.

  • Quick transaction processing

    ZedXe is developed to process multiple transactions in minutes. Place your buy/sell order and get your coins in your wallet as soon as your order is fulfilled.

  • Regulated secured wallets with Bitgo

    ZedXe introduced an advanced security platform “BITGO” which offers multi-signature & three-key management system to remove any sign of failure.

  • Powerful trading engine

    Our cryptocoin exchange platform is fast, reliable and compliant, ensuring uninterrupted execution regardless of where you are.

  • Lower fees

    We aim to offer lower fees, for both trading and withdrawals, allowing our users to maximize their profits.

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We always go the extra mile to offer the best trading experience to our users.

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Deposit to ZedXe wallet

Use your wallet address to move cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, ZEC and ZFL to their corresponding wallets. It is absolutely easy and you have complete control over your assets. The funds in the wallet can be used to buy other cryptocurrencies right away, or can be stored until their future use.

Keep tabs on your in-wallet deposit and manage your portfolio with ease.

ZedXe wallet: A secure solution to store cryptocurrencies

Deposit and withdraw your crypto assets using our wallet. It’s easy, quick, secure and transparent.

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Join ZedXe, the best crypto exchange, for secure, simple and quick transactions.

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ZedXe makes it easy, fast, and
secure to buy BTC with Your Card

  • Easy and Convenient
    Buying BTC is as easy as shopping online with your credit card.

  • Fast Process
    Making a deposit and buying BTC usually takes a few minutes.

  • Trusted & Secure
    We provide a secure payment processing solution for ultimate protection.

  • Easy to Use
    Our intuitive interface makes it ideal for newbies while advanced features & order types cater to expert traders.

A digital currency trading platform
where you have complete control over your transactions

With a vision to revolutionize cryptocurrency and fiat investments, we offer a blockchain-powered platform to buy and sell digital currency while ensuring seamless and fast trading. Our ZedXe exchange facilitates trading of ZFL tokens with other blockchain-based tokens and coins. The integration of traditional assets including FIAT currencies, commodities, stocks, CFDs and more, in the near future, will add great value to our exchange.

We have recently re-branded from Zuflo exchange to ZedXe exchange, and we vow to work relentlessly to retain the repute of being the best crypto exchange.

Download Decentralized ZedXe Wallet

The secure app to send, receive, and store your Crypto Assets

ZedXe Exchange Trading Referral
Reward Program

The ZedXe referral program allows you to earn referral bonus by inviting your friends (referrals) to join and trade on the platform. Our program distributes 50% of the trading fees earned from your referrals in three levels. The breakdown of 50% referral bonus is as follows:

  • 1st Level – 25%
  • 2nd Level – 15%
  • 3rd Level – 10%

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