Dear ZedXeans,

Hope all is well and safe.

According to a recent update, the SEC has penalized many tokens, including Finance/Banking tokens; one of the biggest and recent examples is Ripple (XRP). In a few days, XLM and other Financial/Exchange/Stablecoins will be penalized as well.

Concerning the current legal scenario and discussion with our Legal and Financial teams,  we are excited to announce that we are SWAPPING ZFL tokens with our own Chain. ZEDXE is launching its own POS-based blockchain soon, and ZFL will be utilized there. In this way, ZFL will be the GOVERNANCE token for the whole ZEDXE CEFI & DEFI. Swapping will be done after MainNet will be LIVE and SWAP @ 1:1 with new POS-based ZFL tokens.

Advantages of the POS/DPOS Swapping include:

  1. Internal validators and delegators – Top priority to the ZEDXEANS’ early ZFL hodlers
  2. Systematic staking program – via forging
  3. Staking will be done on CPUs, not on GPUs
  4. Reduction of inflation/deflation manipulation
  5. Supply and demand controlled concepts
  6. Whitelisting will provide proof of authentication
  7. Faster processing of transactions
  8. Less consumption of energy
  9. Doesn’t require a “supercomputer”/Equipment

Moreover, it will provide the following DPOS benefits via the Governance system:

  • Better distribution of rewards: People will elect only those delegates who give them the most rewards, so casual users — not just the “rich” — earn rewards. (This democratization makes DPoS more decentralized than PoS or PoW.)
  • Real-time voting security: Any malicious action can be immediately detected by the voters, who can oust the offending delegate.
  • Governance: Community/Token holders will vote for the ecosystem beneficial procedures of the future, including Automated Market Making with other tokens, listing procedures, liquidity provisions, DEFI financials, and even the selection of Management.

Conclusion: ZedXe Ecosystem and Team will always adopt any procedural and operational concepts that will be beneficial for our ecosystem. It is now a demand of the nature to minimize the utilization of POW due to energy/environmental consumptions as well, and more democratization and governance of the ecosystem and its tokens by the community and users, to create an organic supply and demand.

Good Luck to all of us!
ZedXe Management