ZedXe Exchange has revamped its referral program to give more rewards to users. With our referral program, we aim to benefit you and your referrals (who can be your friends, family, or anyone to whom you refer the ZedXe Exchange) from joining our ZedXe platform.

What is ZedXe Referral Program?

The ZedXe referral program allows you to earn referral bonus by inviting your friends (referrals) to join and trade on the platform. Our program distributes 50% of the trading fees earned from your referrals in three levels. The breakdown of 50% referral bonus is as follows:

  • First level – 25%
  • Second level – 15%
  • Third level – 10%

For example, you refer ZedXe Exchange to one of your friends, John. John trades BTC against the ZFL token and pays 0.05 BTC as the trading fee. ZedXe will distribute 50% of the trading fee earned from John in three levels. Since John is your first-level referral, you get 25% of 0.05 BTC, which is 0.0125 BTC. Similarly, if John refers the ZedXe Exchange to Alice, she becomes your second-level referral. If Alice pays 0.5 BTC as the trading fee, you get 15% of 0.5 BTC. Furthermore, if Alice refers the ZedXe Exchange to Bob, he becomes your third-level referral. If Bob pays 1 BTC as the trading fee, you earn 10% of 1 BTC.

ZedXe Referral ProgramZedXe Exchange offers a 0.1% trading fee for crypto assets traded against the ZFL token. However, the trading fee is 0.2% for non-ZFL trading pairs.

How can you join the ZedXe Referral Program?

Simply follow three easy steps and you can earn yourself a lucrative referral bonus.

  • Create an account

Sign up for a free account. Regardless of whether or not you trade on ZedXe, you qualify to earn a referral bonus as soon as your referrals start trading on the platform.

  • Share referral link

Copy your unique referral link from your account and share it with your friends, family, or anyone in your network.

  • Earn reward

Get rewarded with a predefined percentage of your referrals’ trading fees up to three levels.

Ready to join ZedXe or want to leverage our lucrative referral program? Sign up now!