ZedXe is enriching its portfolio of services by integrating “Fund Investment” in its crypto coin exchangeplatform. Now, you can invest and trade at one elevator. This investment plan is specially designed for ZedXe’s online traders who already have Bitcoins in their trading wallet. In the current phase, we are allowing BTC and in the coming phase, we will also add other cryptocurrencies as well (ETH, LTC, ZFL, TUSD, and more).

How to invest BTC in ZedXe fund investment?

As an incubator and leading advocate of the crypto coin trading platform, ZedXe is committed to providing easy-to-use, profitable, and beguiling way to make the most out of your BTC.

There are two ways via which you can invest in ZedXe fund investment feature:

  • Move Funds to Investment Wallet from Trading Wallet
  • Move Funds to Trading Wallet from Investment Wallet

Both of the transactions contains 2 Factor Authentication which makes it secure.

Once you have moved your BTC to the respective wallet, ZedXe holds your coins and allow you to select your plan to enjoy daily ROI.

ZedXe Fund Investments Plan:

We have a plan to suit every pocket. We offer great returns with 4 investment plans. We have reserved insurance funds that will guarantee your initial deposit. With our program, we offer you a continuous daily and computing profits that will transferred automatically to your wallet. Let’s have a look!

There are four types of plans which we offer, Open, 6 Months, 12 Months, and 24 Months. There will be a minimum investment amount, lock in period and annual ROI as per the plan (6%, 9%, 12%, and 24%). User can do prematurity withdrawal or maturity withdrawal for a particular plan.

In case, you will withdraw your fund before the maturity period, you will get some deduction on ROI.

Another option is “Ledger” in which you can check your transaction history.

Register to ZedXe and get assured ROI based on your chosen investment plan.