Useful tips to keep your cryptocurrency safe while trading on a crypto coin exchange

One of the major benefits of cryptocurrencies is that they allow people to trade the currency digitally without any involvement of an intermediary (like a bank). Anyone who wants to send or receive the cryptocurrency has to create a cryptographic key (secure code) for secure transaction. In case, the hackers or scammers get access to that key, they instantly gain control the crypto wallet as if they were the owner. So, it is important to choose a secure and best crypto coin exchange for trading, in order to rest assured that your crypto assets are safe.

Today, the greatest threat that leads to people losing their crypto is human error, not the technology itself. ZedXe works hard to fight fraud within the platform. In order to keep the digital currency secure, here are some steps which ZedXe advises to their users to follow. Take a look.

Create a Strong Password

  The best cryptocoin exchange, always advises you to use a long password (16 or more characters) that you have not used anywhere in any social networking site.
  Use a reliable password manager to create or remember your passwords. (Dashlane, RoboForm, 1Password, KeePass, etc.)

Use 2-Factor Authentication

  By using 2FA, you get a code on your device every time you log in, so that someone can’t access your account even if they know or steal your password.
  Try to use Google Authenticator instead of SMS based 2FA, as mobile carriers have known security weaknesses.

Understand the Tricks

  Hackers may call you as tech support and pressure you for your account credential. Don’t fall for the trick. Legitimate exchanges won’t ask you for passwords, 2FAs codes, or any type of data via which they can access the account.
  If someone calls you and you are not sure whether it is legitimate, you can reach out to [email protected]

Double Check the URL

  It is easy for scammers to create a fake crypto site that exactly looks like a real exchange but it is designed to steal your account information. Therefore, it is crucial to double check the URL before you start trading.
  Type the URL on your own instead of using any bookmark or by clicking any links from the received email.

To sum up, these are some of the major key points to understand before starting to trade in the crypto market. Take time to understand how the best crypto coin exchange works and what are the security features they provide you to keep your currency safe. Next time, whenever you are going to start trading in the crypto market, make sure to implement the instructions aforementioned. Happy Trading!