Digital asset exchange “” is going to announce the most awaited plan to benefit existing and new token holders “ZFL Tokens Buy Back and Burn”. With the invention of this plan, Zedxe and its Investors aim to reward ZFL token holders.

The company aims at bringing a safer and efficient trading experience to the users. That’s why very soon we are going to execute this plan. Before moving further, we want to enlighten the meaning of buy back and burn for the investors or traders who are not aware of this term. Let’s take a dive:

Buying back of each token means the redemption of the tokens which were held by the previous token holders. Coin burn in cryptocurrencies means transferring some of the coins of native cryptocurrency to a public address from which those particular coins cannot be spent because the private keys of such an address are not obtainable.

It is imperative for public address to be available in the blockchain network to review all transactions. Coin burn is done for a number of purposes:

  • Rewarding, the token or the coin holder.
  • Destroying the unsold tokens/coins after an ICO.

How does ZedXe Exchange Buy Back & Burn Event work?

Minimum 100% Price Valuation of ZFL Tokens

Event Site:       ZedXe Exchange (On Chain)
Trading Pair:   BTC/ZFL
ZFL Price:        $0.36 (Minimum)
ZFL Tokens:    2,000,000 (Minimum)
When:                July 15, 2019

In order to take part in this Buy Back and Burn plan, the trader must pass the following eligibility criteria.

  • Minimum Daily Volume of 0.1 BTC per User / Account in BTC / ZFL Pair
    Note: Accumulated Volume of 60 days (0.1 BTC X 60 Days = 6 BTC) will be calculated for Top BTC / ZFL pair traders so all of the traders who join early or late will be beneficial, to trade total accumulated volume (i.e. 6 BTC) in 1 day or in 60 days.
  • Multiple Trades (Buy / Sell Orders) will be accepted to calculate Daily or Accumulated Volume.
  • No Maximum Cap of Trading Volume for Any Account (Maximum Volume at the end of the period, will provide a priority option to the traders to be on the Top of the Buy Back List)
  • Accounts / Users will qualify as Top Beneficiaries of Buy Back & Burn, who fulfil the requirement of Daily Volume or Total Accumulated Volume, at the end of the period (i.e. July 14, 2019 at 2359 GMT).
  • Total Accumulated Volume of each user, will be calculated on July 14, 2019 and List will be uploaded on the ZedXe Exchange website.

In case, the price per ZFL token, will reach at USD 0.36 or over, by or before July 14, 2019, ZedXe Exchange (Company) will buy back at 100% (USD 0.72 or more) of the final value, set at the specified time of July 14, 2019.

ZedXe Exchange will buy back & burn Minimum 2 Million ZFL Tokens supply (out of 180 Million Circulating Supply), and Maximum ZFL tokens, as per total accumulated volume, by July 14, 2019.

Note: In order to be transparent, an independent 3rd Party, strict auditing and diligence will be processed within this period to avoid any discrepancy. Any account/user found doing any manipulation within the same account(s) or any other suspicious activity will be blocked and will be eliminated, from the Buy Back List.

So, hurry up! Grab the opportunity to earn 2X-10X profit in BTC/ZFL pair. Refer your friends and crypto traders to earn rewards in ZedXe exchange.

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