Crypto Trading Guide: Top 4 Cryptocoin Investments You Can Make in 2019

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have a huge impact on the global finance market. Bitcoin and other crypto coins have stabilized in price in comparison to last year. It has also inspired many spinoffs or crypto projects, and there are now over 1500 crypto coins on the market. But today, we are going to discuss the top 4 crypto coins in 2019 that you can purchase from the best crypto exchange platform to gain maximum profit.

Xe Exchange’s unique trading platform allows users to trade in 4 major markets including, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zuflo, and True USD. This platform use crypto-to-crypto process to make these transactions such as via BTC, ETH, ZFL, or TUSD you can buy or sell LTC, BCH, and ZEC. Furthermore, we provide the lower transaction fees: for BTC market trading fee is 0.2% on the amount and for ZFL market, the fee is 0.1%. The deposit and withdrawal is very low. We ensure to make your transaction seamless, instant, easy, and secure.

The list below shows the 4 major cryptocurrencies that you can invest in ZedXe exchange:

Bitcoin: This is the very first cryptocurrency designed to create an independent and decentralized electronic payment system. Bitcoin protocol is open source and any developer can use it efficiently. Bitcoin Price: $3,460.48

 Decentralized digital currency without any involvement of the third party
 Limited supply, pseudonymity, divisibility, and immutability
 Most popular cryptocurrency and strong branding
 Largest market capitalization

Ethereum: Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It is a platform that enables other distributed applications to run on it, as well as other tokens and smart contract apps. Current price: $105.90

 Blockchain-based distributed computing platform & operating system
 Much faster than Bitcoin
 Developed for building decentralized apps
 Numerous blockchain projects are built on Ethereum protocol (ERC20)
 Second largest market capitalization

Zuflo: ZFL coins provide high security & high liquidity as easier to be listed on the best crypto coin exchange with other Ethereum based coins. Price: $0.36

 Fast transaction
 Error reduction
 Uses cryptography to provide high-level security
 The transaction process is extremely simple if you buy your coveted cryptocurrency via ZFL coins.

True USD: TrueUSD or TUSD, is a USD-backed ERC20 stable coin. Each 1 TUSD is redeemable for $1.00 USD. TUSD allows financial institutions and individuals to trade cryptocurrencies while mitigating the price volatility of the market. Price: $1.01

 Legal protection
 Reliable fund management
 Full collateral
 Redeemable for USD
 Regular attestations

Start Trading in Cryptocurrency with the Best Crypto Exchange. With ZedXe,it is easier than ever!