The marketplace is filled with numerous crypto exchanges where you can buy or sell digital assets and choosing a reliable and esteemed one is a hard nut to crack. To help you to find the best crypto coin exchange, it is important to understand the questions that you should ask them.

Question: Which Cryptocurrencies you want to trade in?
Answer: Do you already know which cryptocurrency you want to invest in? In this fast-paced world, everything is changing so rapidly. Every day new coins are created however not all exchanges have the same digital coins. At ZedXe, we deal in four major market BTC, ETH, TUSD, and ZFL via them you can buy any of your coveted currency.

Question: Can I exchange crypto-to-fiat or vice versa?
Answer: Fortunately, recently we have joined the hands with PayOP. This platform provides the facility of different payment mode such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, etc. To buy cryptocurrencies. Now, traders can easily exchange fiat-to-crypto or vice versa at ZedXe.

Question: What payment methods you are using?
Answer: This is another vital issue. Some best coin exchange platforms let you use a platform like PayPal to deposit or withdrawal from your account. Some use bank transfers, credit card, debit card, and other payment methods.

Question: How secure is your crypto exchange?
Answer: The level and type of security mechanisms employed by an exchange are vital in ensuring that your coins are safe. Which security practice you are involving in your exchange- 2-factor authentication, cold storage, email encryption, and verification?

Question: What fees do you charge?
Answer: Low transaction fees on trading cryptocurrency would relatively secure your margins to be eaten away. The figure can vary between exchanges. It is important to look at the fees of your exchange, to see if it is relatively comparable to other exchanges.

Question: Do you provide a mobile app?
Answer: It is becoming crucial for crypto investors to use their mobile devices to move money across the globe. In such case, you need an exchange which provides its own crypto mobile app or a mobile-optimized site.

Question: Is there any transaction limit in your exchange?
Answer: Are you planning to spend a lot of money into your desired cryptocurrency? Some crypto exchanges provide you relatively small limits that make it impossible to do big transactions. Whether you want to spend in ETH, BTC, or XRP, you need to find out the best crypto coin exchange that fulfills your requirement.

Question: Is it necessary to have a separate wallet?
Answer: Is it purely an exchange or can you store your coins here too? There are different ways of working in this respect, so be sure what you are looking for before you get started.
By getting these answers to the aforementioned questions, you will be ready to choose your reliable and reputable crypto exchange. Enjoy Trading!