The safeguarding of cryptocurrencies by custodial services is the best way crypto investors can begin their journey in the cryptocoin market with the much-hyped digital assets. The last four months has witnessed significant growth in the number of businesses and banks launching custodial services. These solution gives investors peace of mind that their assets are secure, insured, and under the care of the third party.

Recently, ZedXe has introduced BitGo in its platform. BitGo is a highly-renowned leader in security, compliance and custodial solution for digital currencies. The BitGo business model has numerous robust features, comprising the following:

  • Multi-signature wallets for enterprise investments.
  • Platform API, which allows developers to integrate BitGo custodial services into their blockchain projects.
  • Custody services for institutional investors.
  • Tailor-made private blockchains for the financial world.

Multi-Signature Wallet

There are numerous crypto wallets are available in the marketplace and most of them are not fit for use by banks, companies, and institutions. In general, investprs or traders requires more than one authorizing party, specially when they execute big transactions. Most crypto wallets are designed to use by a single party. Multi-sign wallet is extremely beneficial for trading a huge amount of cryptocurrencies. As these wallets require more than one party to sign off on a cryptocurrency transaction.

Custody Services

Though custodian services are not unique, as multifarious crypto trading platforms are already using these services. Our main aim to integrate this service in our platform is to assuring our crypto investors that their digital assets are safe with us that too with local legislation.

Platform API

BitGo also offers platform API so that developers can integrate multi-signature wallet functionality into their own Bitcoin applications. This means that if any new app or software taking Bitcoin as payment can take advantage of BitGo wallet functionality as a payment method. Apart from this, BitGo also offers some astounding features such as instant transactions which effectively act as a payment guarantor.

Customized Private Blockchains

Bitcoin and other public blockchains generally do not meet the legislative requirements for institutional investors. To overcome this hurdle, BitGo offers a service- customized private blockchains. Using this service, institutional investors can trade digital currencies.

Through BitGo’s partnership with ZedXe, clients can:

  • Use ZedXe’s trading platform without having to set up an account with ZedXe.
  • Get online, real-time pricing for buy and sell orders.
  • Trade a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, True USD, Zuflo, Litecoin, Zcash and more.
  • Maintain assets in custody with BitGo trust company.
  • Execution of transactions is extremely easy from cold storage without having to manage keys.
  • Access ZedXe’s deep liquidity through a robust network of trading partners with same day settlement directly through BitGo account.

ZedXe is taking a bold new approach to digital currency trading and this is the reason why most of the traders consider this platform a trusted and best crypto coin exchange. Keep your digital assets secure in our cold and hot wallet with advanced security features such as the multi-sig, co-signine engine, platform API and more.