Cryptocurrency investments paving the way for profit-making opportunities have encouraged crypto enthusiasts across the globe to put their money into these digital assets. The cryptocoin market is not only dominated by a myriad of currencies to choose from, but it also offers multiple ways to buy these currencies.

Using debit card to buy cryptocurrency is gaining fast traction and is becoming a widely adopted solution. It is perfect for both first-time buyers and seasoned crypto investors, being a hassle-free and easy option.

ZedXe enables its users to buy Bitcoin online with debit card, so you can leverage the ease and speed of transactions provided by electronic cards. The entire process is secure and streamlined to deliver great trading experience to users.

Easy Steps to Get Started

Sign-up for free at ZedXe

Create your ZedXe user account for free by providing necessary details. Log in to your account upon successful verification of your account. Head over to the “Wallets” section on the ZedXe toolbar and choose “Buy with debit card” option to proceed further.

Place your order

Input the amount (in USD) that you want to invest. Our platform automatically calculates the number of Bitcoins that can be bought in exchange and vice versa. You can view complete order details with total payable amount and confirm to proceed. You will be redirected to PayOp – a secure and trusted third-party payment gateway. This is where the transaction will be processed and payable amount will be transferred to merchant’s account.

Get Bitcoin instantly

The merchant, after receiving the payment transfers your Bitcoins to your ZedXe Bitcoin wallet address.
A separate, well-structured “Deposit History” section for both users and Admin provides complete visibility and access to transaction history.

Why Choose ZedXe to Buy Bitcoin Using Debit Card?

ZedXe ensures the following while navigating users’ Bitcoin buying journey with debit card.


ZedXe upholds the highest standards of integrity and orchestrates the entire process with complete honesty. The platform automatically calculates the transaction fee against the amount or volume of Bitcoin to be. The transaction is processed after you confirm the price.


ZedXe leverages state-of-the-art security solutions to mitigate risk and drive the safest transactions possible. We adhere to geography-based compliance and AML standards to fulfill regulatory demands and build a trustworthy ecosystem.

Quick transactions

ZedXe harnesses PayOp – a third-party payment gateway to accelerate transactions with minimum latency. PayOp is underpinned by industry leading security features like user authentication and authorization to allow legitimate transactions.


A strong customer support team provides dedicated assistance to navigate you through the process to buy Bitcoin online with debit card. ZedXe believes in building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and creating a strong community around digital currencies.

To enjoy these benefits and embrace a convenient solution to buy Bitcoins using debit card, sign-up for ZedXe exchange. We steer your journey ensuring speed, security and ease while putting you in complete control of your transactions.