ZedXe Referral Program: Earn without Trading

ZedXe Referral Program: Earn without Trading

ZedXe Exchange has revamped its referral program to give more rewards to users. With our referral program, we aim to benefit you and your referrals (who can be your friends, family, or anyone to whom you refer the ZedXe Exchange) from joining our ZedXe platform.

What is ZedXe Referral Program?

The ZedXe referral program allows you to earn referral bonus by inviting your friends (referrals) to join and trade on the platform. Our program distributes 50% of the trading fees earned from your referrals in three levels. The breakdown of 50% referral bonus is as follows:

  • First level – 25%
  • Second level – 15%
  • Third level – 10%

For example, you refer ZedXe Exchange to one of your friends, John. John trades BTC against the ZFL token and pays 0.05 BTC as the trading fee. ZedXe will distribute 50% of the trading fee earned from John in three levels. Since John is your first-level referral, you get 25% of 0.05 BTC, which is 0.0125 BTC. Similarly, if John refers the ZedXe Exchange to Alice, she becomes your second-level referral. If Alice pays 0.5 BTC as the trading fee, you get 15% of 0.5 BTC. Furthermore, if Alice refers the ZedXe Exchange to Bob, he becomes your third-level referral. If Bob pays 1 BTC as the trading fee, you earn 10% of 1 BTC.

ZedXe Referral ProgramZedXe Exchange offers a 0.1% trading fee for crypto assets traded against the ZFL token. However, the trading fee is 0.2% for non-ZFL trading pairs.

How can you join the ZedXe Referral Program?

Simply follow three easy steps and you can earn yourself a lucrative referral bonus.

  • Create an account

Sign up for a free account. Regardless of whether or not you trade on ZedXe, you qualify to earn a referral bonus as soon as your referrals start trading on the platform.

  • Share referral link

Copy your unique referral link from your account and share it with your friends, family, or anyone in your network.

  • Earn reward

Get rewarded with a predefined percentage of your referrals’ trading fees up to three levels.

Ready to join ZedXe or want to leverage our lucrative referral program? Sign up now!

ZedXe.com Exchange – Your Most Awaited ZFL Tokens Buy Back and Burn is Live Now

ZedXe.com Exchange – Your Most Awaited ZFL Tokens Buy Back and Burn is Live Now

Digital asset exchange “ZedXe.com” is going to announce the most awaited plan to benefit existing and new token holders “ZFL Tokens Buy Back and Burn”. With the invention of this plan, Zedxe and its Investors aim to reward ZFL token holders.

The company aims at bringing a safer and efficient trading experience to the users. That’s why very soon we are going to execute this plan. Before moving further, we want to enlighten the meaning of buy back and burn for the investors or traders who are not aware of this term. Let’s take a dive:

Buying back of each token means the redemption of the tokens which were held by the previous token holders. Coin burn in cryptocurrencies means transferring some of the coins of native cryptocurrency to a public address from which those particular coins cannot be spent because the private keys of such an address are not obtainable.

It is imperative for public address to be available in the blockchain network to review all transactions. Coin burn is done for a number of purposes:

  • Rewarding, the token or the coin holder.
  • Destroying the unsold tokens/coins after an ICO.

How does ZedXe Exchange Buy Back & Burn Event work?

Minimum 100% Price Valuation of ZFL Tokens

Event Site:       ZedXe Exchange (On Chain)
Trading Pair:   BTC/ZFL
ZFL Price:        $0.36 (Minimum)
ZFL Tokens:    2,000,000 (Minimum)
When:                July 15, 2019

In order to take part in this Buy Back and Burn plan, the trader must pass the following eligibility criteria.

  • Minimum Daily Volume of 0.1 BTC per User / Account in BTC / ZFL Pair
    Note: Accumulated Volume of 60 days (0.1 BTC X 60 Days = 6 BTC) will be calculated for Top BTC / ZFL pair traders so all of the traders who join early or late will be beneficial, to trade total accumulated volume (i.e. 6 BTC) in 1 day or in 60 days.
  • Multiple Trades (Buy / Sell Orders) will be accepted to calculate Daily or Accumulated Volume.
  • No Maximum Cap of Trading Volume for Any Account (Maximum Volume at the end of the period, will provide a priority option to the traders to be on the Top of the Buy Back List)
  • Accounts / Users will qualify as Top Beneficiaries of Buy Back & Burn, who fulfil the requirement of Daily Volume or Total Accumulated Volume, at the end of the period (i.e. July 14, 2019 at 2359 GMT).
  • Total Accumulated Volume of each user, will be calculated on July 14, 2019 and List will be uploaded on the ZedXe Exchange website.

In case, the price per ZFL token, will reach at USD 0.36 or over, by or before July 14, 2019, ZedXe Exchange (Company) will buy back at 100% (USD 0.72 or more) of the final value, set at the specified time of July 14, 2019.

ZedXe Exchange will buy back & burn Minimum 2 Million ZFL Tokens supply (out of 180 Million Circulating Supply), and Maximum ZFL tokens, as per total accumulated volume, by July 14, 2019.

Note: In order to be transparent, an independent 3rd Party, strict auditing and diligence will be processed within this period to avoid any discrepancy. Any account/user found doing any manipulation within the same account(s) or any other suspicious activity will be blocked and will be eliminated, from the Buy Back List.

So, hurry up! Grab the opportunity to earn 2X-10X profit in BTC/ZFL pair. Refer your friends and crypto traders to earn rewards in ZedXe exchange.

Website: www.zedxe.com
Estonia (Incorporated and Regulated)

Invest in Cryptocoin Market with Bitgo- A Fully Regulated Crypto Custodial Service

Invest in Cryptocoin Market with Bitgo- A Fully Regulated Crypto Custodial Service

The safeguarding of cryptocurrencies by custodial services is the best way crypto investors can begin their journey in the cryptocoin market with the much-hyped digital assets. The last four months has witnessed significant growth in the number of businesses and banks launching custodial services. These solution gives investors peace of mind that their assets are secure, insured, and under the care of the third party.

Recently, ZedXe has introduced BitGo in its platform. BitGo is a highly-renowned leader in security, compliance and custodial solution for digital currencies. The BitGo business model has numerous robust features, comprising the following:

  • Multi-signature wallets for enterprise investments.
  • Platform API, which allows developers to integrate BitGo custodial services into their blockchain projects.
  • Custody services for institutional investors.
  • Tailor-made private blockchains for the financial world.

Multi-Signature Wallet

There are numerous crypto wallets are available in the marketplace and most of them are not fit for use by banks, companies, and institutions. In general, investprs or traders requires more than one authorizing party, specially when they execute big transactions. Most crypto wallets are designed to use by a single party. Multi-sign wallet is extremely beneficial for trading a huge amount of cryptocurrencies. As these wallets require more than one party to sign off on a cryptocurrency transaction.

Custody Services

Though custodian services are not unique, as multifarious crypto trading platforms are already using these services. Our main aim to integrate this service in our platform is to assuring our crypto investors that their digital assets are safe with us that too with local legislation.

Platform API

BitGo also offers platform API so that developers can integrate multi-signature wallet functionality into their own Bitcoin applications. This means that if any new app or software taking Bitcoin as payment can take advantage of BitGo wallet functionality as a payment method. Apart from this, BitGo also offers some astounding features such as instant transactions which effectively act as a payment guarantor.

Customized Private Blockchains

Bitcoin and other public blockchains generally do not meet the legislative requirements for institutional investors. To overcome this hurdle, BitGo offers a service- customized private blockchains. Using this service, institutional investors can trade digital currencies.

Through BitGo’s partnership with ZedXe, clients can:

  • Use ZedXe’s trading platform without having to set up an account with ZedXe.
  • Get online, real-time pricing for buy and sell orders.
  • Trade a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, True USD, Zuflo, Litecoin, Zcash and more.
  • Maintain assets in custody with BitGo trust company.
  • Execution of transactions is extremely easy from cold storage without having to manage keys.
  • Access ZedXe’s deep liquidity through a robust network of trading partners with same day settlement directly through BitGo account.

ZedXe is taking a bold new approach to digital currency trading and this is the reason why most of the traders consider this platform a trusted and best crypto coin exchange. Keep your digital assets secure in our cold and hot wallet with advanced security features such as the multi-sig, co-signine engine, platform API and more.

Crypto Trading Bots: All set to make a statement in the cryptocoin market

Crypto Trading Bots: All set to make a statement in the cryptocoin market

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased more and more, people are looking for ways to make huge returns on their investment. Most of these traders are using crypto trading bots to increase the value of their portfolios.

We all are aware of the volatile nature of the cryptocoin market and crypto trading bots is capturing the center stage among traders as it offers them to control their trading at all times, even when they are sleeping. Additionally, these automated trading bots expedite the trading process and make it more efficient than the trader would be able to do manually.

What is a trading bot?

Cryptocurrency trading bot is software programs that directly interact with exchanges, monitor price movements, place orders for a trader based on the market data they collect. Typically, this bot analyzes market actions such as orders, volume, price, and time and execute according to the pre-defined and pre-programmed rules.

For instance- traders can deploy a bot to buy and sell bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency. This bot can adhere to a ruleset programmed to buy lower from one market and sell higher in other markets, earning a profit on the difference. If you have ever done with the best crypto exchange, you have probably encountered bots doing this. The main objective of trading bot is to provide its users with a lucrative business day in, day out.

What makes trading bots popular in the cryptocoin market?

  • No dealing with emotions
  • Emotion plays a vital role while making trading decisions. With automated trading signals, users can define their goals, stop losses, and profit target beforehand. The trading bot will execute the trades once the set of rules are met enabling the traders to pull the trigger without any hesitation. Apart from this, the trading bot also allows users who are apt to trading cryptos at every perceived opportunity.

  • 24/7 Availability
  • While regular stock markets are only open during the daytime, the cryptocurrency market is open 24/7. Resulting in you can trade continuously trading efficiently into your sleeping or working hours. It is important to note that while the bot can cause you to make money, it can also cause you to lose money depending on the strategy your employ.

  • Paradox of choice
  • There are quite a few crypto trading bots available in the market and finding the right one may take you some time. Trading bots such as Crypohopper, HaasBot, Gekko, are Profit Trailer are highly recommended for the neophytes or those who are searching for a reliable and easy-to-use trading bot. If you have never traded before on the crypto market, a trading bot could be your best option.

  • Time Saving
  • Trading can get sometimes boring as it only do some repetitive such as price checking and button pressing. A bot can do all that for you with just fewer clicks. You can give your bot some instruction before you sleep and find that a few good trades have been completed when you wake up.

  • Timely Maintenance
  • Since the market changes all the time, your instructions to the bot should change frequently. This means you keep to constantly update and maintain your bot to make sure that it is making the right choice that you want.

    These are some of the key benefits of cryptocurrency trading bots that bring forth vast opportunities for the crypto holders to improve their bottom line. If you also want to enhance your trading experience, join the crypto exchange which offers a trading bot to their users.

    5 Crypto Trading Rules to Follow While Investing in Cryptocoin Market

    5 Crypto Trading Rules to Follow While Investing in Cryptocoin Market

    Does the new world of cryptocurrencies fascinate you? Recent reports and news of spectacular increases and of possible future gains have turned into an exciting prospect. It may have enthralled your imagination, as it has done with so many other people. The cryptocoin market is highly volatile. You will always need a robust, trustworthy, and best crypto coin exchange to trade your digital assets.

    There are certain rules that come into play while trading cryptos:

    Trading Volumes

    Volumes indicate the liquidity of an asset. The greater the liquidity the easier is to buy and sell, even when there is a turmoil and lower the bid-offer spread. It is an extremely powerful tool but it is often overlooked because it is such a simple indicator. Volume information can be found just about anywhere, but few traders or investors how to use the information to increase their profits and minimize risk.

    Transaction Fees

    Every crypto trading platforms currently charge numerous fees maker fee, transaction fee, taker fee, and more. These fees eat into your profits. Be careful about the unnecessary charges and think well while choosing a trading platform in the cryptocoin market.

    Avoid Using Below Points if do not want to lose trading

  • Bet too much
  • Hold positions for too long
  • Never cash out their winnings
  • Trade without knowledge
  • Gamble with other people’s money
  • Trade frequently, therefore also trying out mediocre trades
  • Emotions are not your friend

    It is very easy to get caught up in the rush and excitement of a winning trade streak; or conversely, the depression of losing trade streak. In all cases, the end result is often same i.e sloppy trading, which ultimately results in a loss. So, stay humble, remain positive, and check your emotions in at the door.

    The 80/20 Rule of Trading

    The good trader makes their money with 20% of their trades. The remaining is either a tie or a loss. If you get a 16% profit with a good trade, then a bad one will give 4% loss. You can reach this relationship with a stop-loss. In this way, you can also calculate whether you make a net profit.

    ZedXe Exchange is the Solution

    ZedXe aims to bring legacy infrastructure incorporates with advanced trade-techniques to the booming cryptocoin market. Xe exchange is a high-caliber crypto exchange with powerful trading tools. Although there is numerous crypto trading exchange, security continues to remain the main priority. Some exchanges do offer security and great customer support, but delayed responses have been an issue. ZedXe hopes to address these loopholes through a well-planned, robust, and user-friendly platform.