ZEDXE Analysis Report – Digital Assets by Lead ZedXean – Week 20, 2020

ZEDXE Analysis Report – Digital Assets by Lead ZedXean – Week 20, 2020

Hi ZedXeans,

Welcome to our 1st Analysis Report – In My Humble Opinion IMHO, it has been an exciting time in the market as well as out of the market.

After the Halving

Bitcoin Halving has happened and BTC price dropped by 20% as well as Alts dropped significantly, too. For me, it (BTC price action) is a blessing, and I already mentioned in my message after a few hours of halving that we will observe an increase of up to 30% by Miners and we have seen the price surge from USD 8,400 to USD 10,000 resistance levels between the halving day and now. Next Halving in 1,394 Days (Approximately 4 years)…. SEE YOU HALVING THEN.

Now we will discuss the mass adoption of Digital Assets under the speculative observation of current news and scenarios.

  • After Jamie Dimon denials of BTC acceptance, JPMorgan has permitted crypto exchanges and offered vastly a bank account and banking services to Coinbase and Gemini initially.
  • Paul Tudor Jones – USD 5 Billion Hedge Fund Manager – announced that he’s committed 2% of his USD 8 billion hedge fund (assets under management) to bitcoin. This is incredibly important and pretty bullish.
  • A major brokerage firm with 30 Million customer-base is going to start offering BTC trading to its customers
  • Investor Mike Novogratz: ‘Future Will Include Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets, and Blockchain-Based Systems’


ZedXeans, the opportunity is still here. Make sure you put your positions on. Please do not delay. BTC Mass Adoption means Alternative Coins & Tokens Mass Adoption, which will be lucrative for your future. So Do YOUR OWN RESEARCH and Go with the Flow before it gets late and we Rest in Peace…..



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