ZedXe Introduces Fund Investment: Now enjoy high ROI on investing in BTC

ZedXe Introduces Fund Investment: Now enjoy high ROI on investing in BTC

ZedXe is enriching its portfolio of services by integrating “Fund Investment” in its crypto coin exchangeplatform. Now, you can invest and trade at one elevator. This investment plan is specially designed for ZedXe’s online traders who already have Bitcoins in their trading wallet. In the current phase, we are allowing BTC and in the coming phase, we will also add other cryptocurrencies as well (ETH, LTC, ZFL, TUSD, and more).

How to invest BTC in ZedXe fund investment?

As an incubator and leading advocate of the crypto coin trading platform, ZedXe is committed to providing easy-to-use, profitable, and beguiling way to make the most out of your BTC.

There are two ways via which you can invest in ZedXe fund investment feature:

  • Move Funds to Investment Wallet from Trading Wallet
  • Move Funds to Trading Wallet from Investment Wallet

Both of the transactions contains 2 Factor Authentication which makes it secure.

Once you have moved your BTC to the respective wallet, ZedXe holds your coins and allow you to select your plan to enjoy daily ROI.

ZedXe Fund Investments Plan:

We have a plan to suit every pocket. We offer great returns with 4 investment plans. We have reserved insurance funds that will guarantee your initial deposit. With our program, we offer you a continuous daily and computing profits that will transferred automatically to your wallet. Let’s have a look!

There are four types of plans which we offer, Open, 6 Months, 12 Months, and 24 Months. There will be a minimum investment amount, lock in period and annual ROI as per the plan (6%, 9%, 12%, and 24%). User can do prematurity withdrawal or maturity withdrawal for a particular plan.

In case, you will withdraw your fund before the maturity period, you will get some deduction on ROI.

Another option is “Ledger” in which you can check your transaction history.

Register to ZedXe and get assured ROI based on your chosen investment plan.

5 Crypto Trading Rules to Follow While Investing in Cryptocoin Market

5 Crypto Trading Rules to Follow While Investing in Cryptocoin Market

Does the new world of cryptocurrencies fascinate you? Recent reports and news of spectacular increases and of possible future gains have turned into an exciting prospect. It may have enthralled your imagination, as it has done with so many other people. The cryptocoin market is highly volatile. You will always need a robust, trustworthy, and best crypto coin exchange to trade your digital assets.

There are certain rules that come into play while trading cryptos:

Trading Volumes

Volumes indicate the liquidity of an asset. The greater the liquidity the easier is to buy and sell, even when there is a turmoil and lower the bid-offer spread. It is an extremely powerful tool but it is often overlooked because it is such a simple indicator. Volume information can be found just about anywhere, but few traders or investors how to use the information to increase their profits and minimize risk.

Transaction Fees

Every crypto trading platforms currently charge numerous fees maker fee, transaction fee, taker fee, and more. These fees eat into your profits. Be careful about the unnecessary charges and think well while choosing a trading platform in the cryptocoin market.

Avoid Using Below Points if do not want to lose trading

  • Bet too much
  • Hold positions for too long
  • Never cash out their winnings
  • Trade without knowledge
  • Gamble with other people’s money
  • Trade frequently, therefore also trying out mediocre trades
  • Emotions are not your friend

    It is very easy to get caught up in the rush and excitement of a winning trade streak; or conversely, the depression of losing trade streak. In all cases, the end result is often same i.e sloppy trading, which ultimately results in a loss. So, stay humble, remain positive, and check your emotions in at the door.

    The 80/20 Rule of Trading

    The good trader makes their money with 20% of their trades. The remaining is either a tie or a loss. If you get a 16% profit with a good trade, then a bad one will give 4% loss. You can reach this relationship with a stop-loss. In this way, you can also calculate whether you make a net profit.

    ZedXe Exchange is the Solution

    ZedXe aims to bring legacy infrastructure incorporates with advanced trade-techniques to the booming cryptocoin market. Xe exchange is a high-caliber crypto exchange with powerful trading tools. Although there is numerous crypto trading exchange, security continues to remain the main priority. Some exchanges do offer security and great customer support, but delayed responses have been an issue. ZedXe hopes to address these loopholes through a well-planned, robust, and user-friendly platform.

    Why Volume is an Imperative Trading Parameter in the Cryptocoin Market?

    Why Volume is an Imperative Trading Parameter in the Cryptocoin Market?

    Along with market capitalization and circulating supply, the volume is one of the most prominent metrics in the cryptocoin market. Trading volume generally can be seen as the bottom of vertical bars on price charts. Volume activity can be shown by comparing the height of those bars to each other. Since these charts are often specific for a single exchange, however, a trader can also visit different exchanges data aggregators, for instance CoinMarketCap to see the overall asset trading volume numbers, as every exchange have a different volume.

    As per the recent survey conducted by ZedXe markets revealed that volume was an indicator of choice for 39 percent of respondents while the Relative Strength Index comes in the second number with 29% of the total vote.

    What is a high trading volume?

    Volume is a measure of how much of a financial given asset has been traded in a given time period, or how many assets have been brought or sold over a particular time. It is a powerful tool of crypto trading which is often overlooked because traders find it a simple indicator. Volume information can be found from anywhere, but only a few traders or investors know how to use such an indicator to increase their profit and reduce the risk.

    When we talk about high trading volume, it means a significant money flow and interest in a given asset. When bitcoin trading volume goes up, it indicates that more people are trading asset, or people are investing in trading the asset. It can sometimes be used to measure the interest and attention.


    Volume can sometimes use to give the hint toward a change in trend. Generally, divergence is mentioned in the case of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and sometimes it can also apply on trading volume.

    Dramatically Swings the Prices

    When the volume is low, it can sometimes leave the market vulnerable to significant price moves. The reason behind this is due to thin order books. If the bitcoin’s daily trading volume is low, it means the order book is thin, lacking enough orders at the current price to satisfy a big seller/buyers. If a huge order comes through and buys or sells the entire asset within the close proximity then it can cause slippage, and price can react dramatically.

    Altcoins Volume

    Volume becomes extremely crucial when speaking about altcoin trading. If a coin or token is not getting much volume, it can become challenging to scale or unload the substantial position, this is because buyers are very limited.

    What are the different volume technical indicators?

    • Chaikin Money Flow (CMF)

    The Chaiking Money Flow indicator is one of the interesting associated indicators which gauges the volume of money movement regarding specific time segments.

    • On Balance Volume (OBV)

    This is another imperative volume trading parameter that comes into play regarding the crypto space. This indicator helps to present the stream of the volume concerning price trend or movement.

    To Sum Up

    It is important to know that no indicator or parameter is up to the mark. False signals, fake-outs, or break-outs do occur. It can be helpful to use numerous time-frames into account, as well as finding congruence with more than one indicator. Traders should develop and learn what works best for their personal trading system. Today, trading in cryptocurrency is easier than ever, now you can buy crypto with debit card, credit card, or via other blockchain-based currency. But before starting the trading process, it is crucial to collect complete information about the specific coin or token.

    How to buy Bitcoin online with debit card from ZedXe?

    How to buy Bitcoin online with debit card from ZedXe?

    Cryptocurrency investments paving the way for profit-making opportunities have encouraged crypto enthusiasts across the globe to put their money into these digital assets. The cryptocoin market is not only dominated by a myriad of currencies to choose from, but it also offers multiple ways to buy these currencies.

    Using debit card to buy cryptocurrency is gaining fast traction and is becoming a widely adopted solution. It is perfect for both first-time buyers and seasoned crypto investors, being a hassle-free and easy option.

    ZedXe enables its users to buy Bitcoin online with debit card, so you can leverage the ease and speed of transactions provided by electronic cards. The entire process is secure and streamlined to deliver great trading experience to users.

    Easy Steps to Get Started

    Sign-up for free at ZedXe

    Create your ZedXe user account for free by providing necessary details. Log in to your account upon successful verification of your account. Head over to the “Wallets” section on the ZedXe toolbar and choose “Buy with debit card” option to proceed further.

    Place your order

    Input the amount (in USD) that you want to invest. Our platform automatically calculates the number of Bitcoins that can be bought in exchange and vice versa. You can view complete order details with total payable amount and confirm to proceed. You will be redirected to PayOp – a secure and trusted third-party payment gateway. This is where the transaction will be processed and payable amount will be transferred to merchant’s account.

    Get Bitcoin instantly

    The merchant, after receiving the payment transfers your Bitcoins to your ZedXe Bitcoin wallet address.
    A separate, well-structured “Deposit History” section for both users and Admin provides complete visibility and access to transaction history.

    Why Choose ZedXe to Buy Bitcoin Using Debit Card?

    ZedXe ensures the following while navigating users’ Bitcoin buying journey with debit card.


    ZedXe upholds the highest standards of integrity and orchestrates the entire process with complete honesty. The platform automatically calculates the transaction fee against the amount or volume of Bitcoin to be. The transaction is processed after you confirm the price.


    ZedXe leverages state-of-the-art security solutions to mitigate risk and drive the safest transactions possible. We adhere to geography-based compliance and AML standards to fulfill regulatory demands and build a trustworthy ecosystem.

    Quick transactions

    ZedXe harnesses PayOp – a third-party payment gateway to accelerate transactions with minimum latency. PayOp is underpinned by industry leading security features like user authentication and authorization to allow legitimate transactions.


    A strong customer support team provides dedicated assistance to navigate you through the process to buy Bitcoin online with debit card. ZedXe believes in building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and creating a strong community around digital currencies.

    To enjoy these benefits and embrace a convenient solution to buy Bitcoins using debit card, sign-up for ZedXe exchange. We steer your journey ensuring speed, security and ease while putting you in complete control of your transactions.

    BTC Vs BCH: Which One is Better for Shopping, Trading, and Investing

    BTC Vs BCH: Which One is Better for Shopping, Trading, and Investing

    Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash- A war between two crypto titans!

    Since its inception, there have been umpteen questions surrounding BTC’s ability to scale effectively. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency that exists within a network of computers, within the blockchain. But, did you know that on August 1st, 2017, the Bitcoin Network experienced a fork that led to the creation of new crypto called Bitcoin Cash? And today, almost all best crypto coin exchange platforms have listed BCH.

    What is BCH?

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency developed via a fork of the Bitcoin network. This means that user who helps BTC at the time of the fork now has an equivalent amount of BCH on the forked Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

    Now, the main question is- how is BCH is different than BTC?

    At the time of writing, both the BCH and BTC acquired the position of top 10 coins in terms of market capitalization. However, the two are different in valuation- BTC is about 30x more expensive than BCH in terms of practical use.

    Below, we explain some of the specific difference between the two by exploring the advantages of each to trade, invest, and shop.

    Shopping: The ball is in the court of Bitcoin Cash

    Bitcoin is the gold in the crypto world. It holds value well and is universally adopted by other crypto projects. But unfortunately, BTC is quite slow. Transactions usually require two confirmations, each of them can easily take 30 minutes. This makes Bitcoin an erroneous choice for shopping. As nobody wants to wait for an hour each time when they want to buy something. Right?

    BCH does a better here. Not only it is faster (transactions take 10 minutes) but its blockchain has processed more transactions per second that PayPal.

    So, BCH is a winner here.

    Trading: A tie between BTC and BCH

    Virtually there is no difference between these two crypto titans in an exchange setting. However, there are two things to keep in mind while trading with BTC or BCH:

    • BTC tends to have more coin pairs than BCH.
    • BTC tends to have more volume and liquidity. But this does not affect on the BCH traders as Bitcoin Cash is also very liquid.

    So, the result here is a firm tie with neither coin coming out on the top of other.

    Investing: BTC wins

    Next, we have an investment. Between BTC and BCH, which is more likely to retain in volume as time goes on?

    As we are aware of the fact that crypto market is extremely volatile. Due to this, the prices of these two crypto coins have actually been instep. During 2017’s crypto boom, both skyrocketed in price. During the 2018’s bear run, the prices dropped very low.

    The main difference between them is that Bitcoin has retained its value super fast as compared to BCH.

    By and large, both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are excellent options for investing- but, BTC is a little better for its market cap, popularity, high retention rate.

    Where you can buy BTC and BCH?

    Now as you know that when to use BTC or BCH, start building your crypto trading portfolio with ZedXe! We provide crypto-to-crypto or fiat-to-crypto exchange services on our all in the platform. Here you can use your credit or debit card for trading. To know more about how to buy BTC with credit card, feel free to call our expert.