Built and developed with a vast experience of research and development team of traders and developers, ZedXe is thrilled to announce one of the UNIQUE and FUTURISTIC Crypto Trading BOT with some of the innovative features of SPOT Trading: THE ZEDXE BOT
  • AI-Algorithmic Trading BOT with proven tech record
  • Non-custodial and Decentralized Application
  • Risk analysis and mitigation – Low, Moderate, and High
  • NO Loss Trades: AI capability allows to close only Profit trades
  • Multiple Trading Strategies – Whole Warehouse Mode and Sub Bin Mode
  • 1st Trading BOT with built-in staking for native token ZXE (TRC-20 based)
  • ZXE staking packages with the best APYs (Annual Percentile Yields)
  • 1st Trading BOT with subscription fee in its own blockchain based (TRC-20) token
  • On STAKE Model: Free to use as per package’s time period of ON STAKE – ZXE
  • 100% Governance by the community through ZXE functionality
  • PROFIT Sharing Model: 20% success fee by BOT on each profitable trade
  • NetWorth: Automated system of network PROFIT income from Z1-Z6
  • More rewards: ZXE Staking rewards as per the subscription packages
  • Staking feature for TRC, ERC and other platforms’ tokens – coming soon

Download, Stake and Utilize ZEDXE BOT for your SPOT Crypto Trading Portfolio and let us learn and earn by ZedXe BOT. Trade while you sleep and create new possibilities of income streams within your network for each profitable trade and LET US GROW TOGETHER

ZFL Token Update for Q2 2021 – ZFL POS/DPOS Based MainNet Launch (A Decentralized & Democratized Community Driven Chain)

Dear ZedXeans,

Hope all is well and safe.

According to a recent update, the SEC has penalized many tokens, including Finance/Banking tokens; one of the biggest and recent examples is Ripple (XRP). In a few days, XLM and other Financial/Exchange/Stablecoins will be penalized as well.

Concerning the current legal scenario and discussion with our Legal and Financial teams,  we are excited to announce that we are SWAPPING ZFL tokens with our own Chain. ZEDXE is launching its own POS-based blockchain soon, and ZFL will be utilized there. In this way, ZFL will be the GOVERNANCE token for the whole ZEDXE CEFI & DEFI. Swapping will be done after MainNet will be LIVE and SWAP @ 1:1 with new POS-based ZFL tokens.

Advantages of the POS/DPOS Swapping include:

  1. Internal validators and delegators – Top priority to the ZEDXEANS’ early ZFL hodlers
  2. Systematic staking program – via forging
  3. Staking will be done on CPUs, not on GPUs
  4. Reduction of inflation/deflation manipulation
  5. Supply and demand controlled concepts
  6. Whitelisting will provide proof of authentication
  7. Faster processing of transactions
  8. Less consumption of energy
  9. Doesn’t require a “supercomputer”/Equipment

Moreover, it will provide the following DPOS benefits via the Governance system:

  • Better distribution of rewards: People will elect only those delegates who give them the most rewards, so casual users — not just the “rich” — earn rewards. (This democratization makes DPoS more decentralized than PoS or PoW.)
  • Real-time voting security: Any malicious action can be immediately detected by the voters, who can oust the offending delegate.
  • Governance: Community/Token holders will vote for the ecosystem beneficial procedures of the future, including Automated Market Making with other tokens, listing procedures, liquidity provisions, DEFI financials, and even the selection of Management.

Conclusion: ZedXe Ecosystem and Team will always adopt any procedural and operational concepts that will be beneficial for our ecosystem. It is now a demand of the nature to minimize the utilization of POW due to energy/environmental consumptions as well, and more democratization and governance of the ecosystem and its tokens by the community and users, to create an organic supply and demand.

Good Luck to all of us!
ZedXe Management

ZedXe Referral Program: Earn without Trading

ZedXe Referral Program: Earn without Trading

ZedXe Exchange has revamped its referral program to give more rewards to users. With our referral program, we aim to benefit you and your referrals (who can be your friends, family, or anyone to whom you refer the ZedXe Exchange) from joining our ZedXe platform.

What is ZedXe Referral Program?

The ZedXe referral program allows you to earn referral bonus by inviting your friends (referrals) to join and trade on the platform. Our program distributes 50% of the trading fees earned from your referrals in three levels. The breakdown of 50% referral bonus is as follows:

  • First level – 25%
  • Second level – 15%
  • Third level – 10%

For example, you refer ZedXe Exchange to one of your friends, John. John trades BTC against the ZFL token and pays 0.05 BTC as the trading fee. ZedXe will distribute 50% of the trading fee earned from John in three levels. Since John is your first-level referral, you get 25% of 0.05 BTC, which is 0.0125 BTC. Similarly, if John refers the ZedXe Exchange to Alice, she becomes your second-level referral. If Alice pays 0.5 BTC as the trading fee, you get 15% of 0.5 BTC. Furthermore, if Alice refers the ZedXe Exchange to Bob, he becomes your third-level referral. If Bob pays 1 BTC as the trading fee, you earn 10% of 1 BTC.

ZedXe Referral ProgramZedXe Exchange offers a 0.1% trading fee for crypto assets traded against the ZFL token. However, the trading fee is 0.2% for non-ZFL trading pairs.

How can you join the ZedXe Referral Program?

Simply follow three easy steps and you can earn yourself a lucrative referral bonus.

  • Create an account

Sign up for a free account. Regardless of whether or not you trade on ZedXe, you qualify to earn a referral bonus as soon as your referrals start trading on the platform.

  • Share referral link

Copy your unique referral link from your account and share it with your friends, family, or anyone in your network.

  • Earn reward

Get rewarded with a predefined percentage of your referrals’ trading fees up to three levels.

Ready to join ZedXe or want to leverage our lucrative referral program? Sign up now!

ZEDXE Analysis Report – Digital Assets by Lead ZedXean – Week 20, 2020

ZEDXE Analysis Report – Digital Assets by Lead ZedXean – Week 20, 2020

Hi ZedXeans,

Welcome to our 1st Analysis Report – In My Humble Opinion IMHO, it has been an exciting time in the market as well as out of the market.

After the Halving

Bitcoin Halving has happened and BTC price dropped by 20% as well as Alts dropped significantly, too. For me, it (BTC price action) is a blessing, and I already mentioned in my message after a few hours of halving that we will observe an increase of up to 30% by Miners and we have seen the price surge from USD 8,400 to USD 10,000 resistance levels between the halving day and now. Next Halving in 1,394 Days (Approximately 4 years)…. SEE YOU HALVING THEN.

Now we will discuss the mass adoption of Digital Assets under the speculative observation of current news and scenarios.

  • After Jamie Dimon denials of BTC acceptance, JPMorgan has permitted crypto exchanges and offered vastly a bank account and banking services to Coinbase and Gemini initially.
  • Paul Tudor Jones – USD 5 Billion Hedge Fund Manager – announced that he’s committed 2% of his USD 8 billion hedge fund (assets under management) to bitcoin. This is incredibly important and pretty bullish.
  • A major brokerage firm with 30 Million customer-base is going to start offering BTC trading to its customers
  • Investor Mike Novogratz: ‘Future Will Include Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets, and Blockchain-Based Systems’


ZedXeans, the opportunity is still here. Make sure you put your positions on. Please do not delay. BTC Mass Adoption means Alternative Coins & Tokens Mass Adoption, which will be lucrative for your future. So Do YOUR OWN RESEARCH and Go with the Flow before it gets late and we Rest in Peace…..



Download our ZedXe Wallet

Google Play:   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zedXeWallet

iOS:                 https://apps.apple.com/in/app/zedxe-wallet/id1511721605

Guidelines for creating a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio

Guidelines for creating a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio

Cryptocurrency is one of the sought-after investment instruments in the market these days. The continuous surge in the Bitcoin price is attracting the interests of more investors. Like other avenues, cryptocurrency also needs to be approached meticulously as it is also a great investment opportunity. One of the ways to escalate your crypto profit is diversification, and we have outlined the best tips leveraging which you can successfully diversify your portfolio.

Conduct a thorough research

Before investing in a cryptocurrency, it is indispensable to understand different coins along with the fundamentals behind them. There are ample resources and tools to comprehend and monitor the crypto market, respectively. You can also stay acquainted with the market changes and new trends based on live prices of the coin using these tools. Some sites specifically shed light on investment-related crypto topics to provide the latest insights on the crypto market. You can learn technical indicators to use, the fundamentals of the coin you want to invest in, and of course, major announcements and imminent changes. Simultaneously, look for a reliable bitcoin trading platform to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Join a crypto community

To turn from a novice to experienced crypto investors, joining online communities of crypto investors and evangelists is the best approach. These entities continually broach a crypto related topic to discuss, following which you can navigate your way around the crypto sphere. You can also garner knowledge about how to choose the best crypto coin exchange and create an account to maintain a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio from these communities. To take your investment and trades to the next level, you can copy the trades of other investors.

Understand Your Risk Profile

Of course, always copying the trades and investments of others is not the best approach to making profits. Understanding the fundamentals of crypto investment is paramount to be able to make your own investment decisions, diversify your investment portfolio and cover your risk profile. You also have to follow some golden trading rules to leverage the lucrative crypto market. These rules will also help you to figure out how much you are willing to risk to achieve your target profit.

Build a Strong Foundation

You need to build a strong foundation before effectively diversifying your investment portfolio. This means counting on the top 10 cryptocurrencies of the market, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple etc.

While building a crypto foundation for your portfolio, ensure to determine the growth potential of your base cryptocurrencies. Focus on coins having long-term growth potential to create a portfolio. Once you place all the components, you can invest in other coins available in the crypto ecosystem and diversify your crypto portfolio. Simultaneously, you can invest more in existing coins that you think can yield higher gains and become a renowned investor in the market.